Welcome to my World

When we talk about food, foodies, who’s cooking, what’s cooking, what restaurant is doing what, we usually think: I want something new and exciting, and I wish I could make that.  Maybe you can.  Or maybe you’d love to try.  It seems a lot of the cookbooks and recipes going around are professional caliber dumbed down so any amateur home cook can recreate them.  And of course there are the classic; the Julia Child, James Beard books who paved the way for modern cuisine, but are, unfortunately, no longer modern.

I have been cooking professionally in some of the best kitchens in the country for 10 years now, have taught professional and amateur classes, and have managed to compile many of the recipes I have created, tweaked and enjoyed.  I no longer cook professionally, which, ironically, has enabled me to focus more on the enjoyment of cuisine, and rekindle my passion and pleasure for cooking.

The purpose of this blog is to share many of my recipes and tricks with you.  Some have been served in the restaurants I worked in; most are for my own enjoyment and pleasure.  Some are simple, some are incredibly complex, but one thing is constant:  I am giving them to you as I have made them, no changes, no ‘dumbed down’ versions.  

I hope you may find something useful within the pages to come, and I would love to hear back from you, comments, questions, or feedback of any kind!  Please enjoy, these are the pages from a Chef’s notebook.

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