Brie and Herb Filet Mignon/Lobster Mashed Potatoes

Indulgence.  That is all.

The following recipes are the definitions thereof.  Complete indulgence.  The most tender piece of the tenderloin (the filet), an herbed brie crust, rich mashed potatoes with poached lobster meat, asparagus, green peppercorn sauce…

And why not?  We need to indulge every once in a while.  We (I speak for myself here, as a diabetic, distance runner, etc etc) eat skimpy meals, low carbs, whole grains, watch the intake, and so on, but once in a while, you need to let it go.  Give in to temptation and forget the rules for a minute.  If it’s good enough, then it’s worth it.

Some day, when you’re looking for a project in the kitchen, this is the dish for you!  Or if you want to impress the hell out of someone.

Herb and Brie Crust

prep  time: 10 minutes
makes 2 cups


4 tbsp mixed herbs (thyme, tarragon, dill, rosemary, basil)
1 tbsp champagne vinegar
2 tbsp blended olive oil
1 tsp dijon mustard
1 small wheel brie cheese
panko bread crumbs, as needed


In a mixing bowl combine the herbs, vinegar and mustard.  Slowly whisk in the oil forming an emulsion.  Using a box grater, grate the brie, rind and all.  Add the brie to the emulsion, and mix thoroughly.  Add the panko to bind (should have consistency of firm meatball) and reserve.

Green Peppercorn Sauce

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 30 min
Makes 2 cups


1 shallot, minced
1/2 cup brandy
3 tbsp green peppercorns
1 cup dry full body red wine
1 cup  heavy cream
1/2 cup prepared demi glace
1 cup prepared chicken stock
1 tbsp blended oil


In a small sauce pot, add the shallot and sweat in oil.  Deglaze with brandy and cook until au sec (almost dry).  Add red wine and reduce by half.  Add chicken stock and reduce by half.  Add demi glace and peppercorns and reduce by 1/3.  Add cream and reduce until nape (coats back of spoon).  Hold warm.


Prep time: 10 min
cook time: 3 min
Makes4 portions


1/2 bunch jumbo green asparagus
1/2 bunch jumbo white asparagus
kosher salt


Peed all asparagus and remove rough ends.  Blanch asparagus in boiling salted water until tender, but still al dente.  Shock in ice bath.  When cold, drain on paper towel.   Reserve.

Mashed potatoes:

Prep time: 10 min
cook time: 1 hr
makes 4 portions


4 large yukon gold potatoes, uniform in size
1/2 lb butter
1 cup heavy cream
cooked lobster meat, claws and tail, rough chop
1 bunch chives, fine chop
good quality flakes sea salt, like fleur de sel


Place potatoes in cold water and bring to 160 degrees for 30 minutes.  Drain.  Peel potatoes.  Place peeled potatoes in luke warm water, add 1/4 cup salt and bring to simmer.  Cook until fork tender.  Drain well.  Work potatoes with a food mill or ricer.  Return potatoes to a pot and work in butter with a heavy whisk, a little at a time.  When all butter is worked in, add cream until potatoes are fluffy and rich.  Season with sea salt, add lobster and chives and hold warm.

Tenderloin and to finish:

Prep time: 2 minutes
cook time: 15 min
makes 4 portions


4 8oz filet mignon tenderloins, all fat removed
reserved peppercorn sauce
reserved aaparagus
reserved mashed potatoes
herb and brie crust
kosher salt
black pepper
vegetable oil
truffle oil


Heat an oven to 450 degrees.  In a cast iron saute pan, heat the oil until almost smoking.  Season the filets liberally with salt and pepper and sear in the pan until deep golden brown on all sides.  Still in the pan, press the crust onto the filets and transfer the pan to the oven.  Roast until the filets are medium rare and the crust is nicely browned.  While filets are cooking, gently saute the asparagus to reheat.  Season with salt and pepper, and finish with a drizzle of truffle oil.

To plant, spoon a small amount of lobster mashed potatoes in the middle of a warm plate.  Arrange the asparagus against the potatoes, sticking upward.  Place the filet on top of the asparagus/potatoes.  Drizzle peppercorn sauce around the plate and over the side of the filet.  Serve right away.

Again, this is a lot of work, and is pure indulgence.  A meal to remember.  If you make this, you will be king of the kitchen.  I hope you do.


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